Ruben Candelaria
A Note From Our Camp Director ABOUT THE CAMP:

I want you to be a better umpire. I know you already umpire the game but I'd like to help you become confident every time you step onto the field. It takes time to become appreciated as a truly good umpire. It is my goal to condense that time and help you reach your true potential so that you can earn the reputation and respect that comes with being a quality umpire. Of course, you are the one who is going to practice. We will teach you what to practice. I enjoy seeing umpires develop from average to good, and good to great. I want to be a part of that process. We believe that we can help that transformation. If you want to become a better umpire and learn the secrets that have helped my staff and I to excel, don't miss this opportunity.

Ruben A. Candelaria
Camp Director

On Friday we will start with Field and Plate work going through drills on movement, signals and proper positioning to help you become a confident umpire.

This camp is designed to help you increase your umpiring skills, as well as help you to develop new ones. You are guaranteed to work parts of three games where you will be evaluated and video taped. You'll be able to view your work that evening by downloading the videos from a DropBox web site

The goal is to give you guidance and feedback while it is fresh in your mind. There will also be "simulated" games where we will create common situations that did not occur in the real games, so you can experience them and learn from them.

When you are not working a game you will be involved in chalk talks as well as drills.


What is the Between the Lines School of Umpiring?

After attending many camps, we feel there is a need for a camp with more accurate evaluations and individualized instruction. We have brought together some of the best ideas of teaching as well as cutting edge technologies. Our goal is to teach umpires how to improve their skills in a clear, fun and educational manner.

Will my schedule improve?

We can't promise that. However we can guarantee that you will become a better umpire. Historically, our campers have improved, and consequently so have their schedules.

Who will evaluate me at camp?

You will be working games while being evaluated by some of the best college umpires on the West coast. We feel that if we support, guide and give meaningful feedback, you will have the best opportunity to improve significantly.

How do I know if I am ready for this camp?

This camp is designed for anyone who wants to improve his or her umpiring ability. From the novice to the veteran umpire. Our staff will tailor their instruction around your needs, whether it be mechanics, positioning, or game management.

Is it worth the time and money?

We will answer this question with a question... Are you serious about getting better? Are you unable to afford a higher priced camp? Is it difficult to get away from work during the week to attend a camp? Then our tuition, dates and curriculum are your answer!

Ump Out

New Umpires: Just starting to umpire? This camp is the perfect place for you. We’ll get you off on the right foot by teaching you the basic mechanics and positioning skills it takes to work a game properly. You'll learn everything from conducting a proper pre-game to being in position to make that last call of the game.

Intermediate Umpires: If you feel comfortable on the field, but you want to umpire with more confidence, this is the camp for you! We will help you to learn the skills it takes to not only survive, but to thrive as a lead umpire.

Advanced Umpires: As an experienced umpire you’ll want to learn from umpires who have worked the "Big Game" and excelled! We will help you learn what it takes to not only keep you at the top of your game, but help you take the steps to solidify your move towards the top of the officials ladder in your association.


  • Individual Attention
  • Group Sessions
  • Camper Portfolio
  • Cage Work
  • Field Work
  • Real & Simulated Games
  • Videotape Critiques
  • Game Evaluations


"You will learn what it takes to 'survive' game after game with very few problems by being in position to get the call right, knowing the unwritten rules of the game that are accepted by players and coaches and earning the respect of coaches and players."

Gary Frieders
D2 Western Regionals 1999, 2002, 2006, 2011, 2015


  • Sharp and Crisp Signals
  • Where To Be and What To See
  • Timing, Timing, Timing
  • On and Off the Field
  • The End Game


  • Group Discussions
  • Career Development
  • Preventive Umpiring
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Game Control
  • Understanding the Rules
  • Attitude
  • Timing, Timing, Timing



Ruben Candelaria.....WCC, Mountain West
Mark Beller.....Retired - Long Time D1, D2 and JC Umpire
Gary Frieders.....CCAA, PacWest, NCOA Assignor
Eric Martinez....WAC, Big West, JC Assignor
Dean Poteet.... Umpire Extraordinare
and other top instructors to be announced.



3:00pm Orientation and Introduction
3:15pm Field Work #1
4:30pm Field Work #2
5:15pm Plate Work
7:30pm Debrief


8:15am Classwork #2
10:00am Games - Individual Evals
12:30pm Mechanics Clinic
1:30pm Lunch and Rap Session
3:00pm Games - Individual Evals
4:30pm Simulated Games
5:00pm Games - Individual Evals
7:30pm Dinner


8:15am Classwork #3
10:30am Games - Individual Evals
12:30pm Conflict Resolution
1:00pm Lunch and Rap Session
2:00pm Games - Individual Evals
4:00pm Simulated Games
5:00pm Closing



More info or questions, call me:
(707) 483-6093

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