Ref Direction
Between the Lines School of Officiating Basketball
Ruben CandelariaI want you to be a better basketball official. I know you already referee the game but I'd like to help you become confident every time you step onto the court. It takes time to become appreciated as a truly good referee. It is my goal to condense that time and help you reach your true potential so that you can earn the reputation and respect that comes with being a quality referee. Of course, you are the one who is going to practice. We will teach you what to practice. I enjoy seeing referees develop from average to good, and good to great. I want to be a part of that process. I believe that we can help that transformation. If you want to become a better referee and learn the secrets that have helped my staff and I to excel, don't miss this opportunity.

Ruben A. Candelaria
Camp Director

2015 Summer Camp Dates and Location:

None - Sorry no camp in 2015.


New Camper: $100

Returning Camper: $75

About the Camp:

You will be placed in a two person or three person format depending upon your experience and preference.This camp is designed to help you increase your refereeing skills, as well as help you to develop new ones.

Each camper will work two or three games on Saturday and Sunday and be video taped at least one game each day. Then there will be a debrief with your instructor.

The goal is to give you guidance and feedback while it is fresh in your mind. There will also be "simulated" situations where we will create common situations to help with positioning for the readl games.

When you are not working a game you will be involved in chalk talks as well as drills.

For more information contact me at (707) 483-6039 - or click here to register online

Northern Coast Officials Association (NCOA) Officials attending any Basketball Camp and receive 12 or more hours of instruction will receive a $40 REBATE of their FY2015 dues upon completion of the requirements for the 2014/2015 season - and an additional year of experience (max 12).